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Arame de aço inoxidável

O fio-máquina de aço inoxidável para soldagem difere do fio-máquina geral de aço inoxidável na composição química. Para garantir seu excelente desempenho de soldagem e melhorar a qualidade da solda, o fio-máquina de aço inoxidável para soldagem é caracterizado pelo baixo teor de carbono.

General description about stainless steel wire rod

Stainless steel wire: It can also be called stainless steel wire, wire rod, disk element, but different from stainless steel wire rope. There are two kinds of wire: spring wire and screw wire. As the name suggests: the screw wire is mainly used for screws, and the spring wire is used for spring. Or other hardware products that require flexibility. Others such as bright wire, hydrogen wire, electrolytic wire, axle hairpin wire, etc. also have a tensile strength of 1500-2000. The hardness of spring wire has the following types: full soft | 4 hard | semi-hard | 3 / 4 hard | full hard | extra hard. wire rope specifications: 7 * 1,6 * 12, 7 * 7, 7 * 19, 17 * 39, etc., then the same material line, rod, tube The board is expensive. The most expensive is 7*7 shares.

Available Size of Stainless Wire Rod
Aplicação geralWelding Grade Applicationpeso da bobina
Dia 5.5mm ~ 38mmDia 5.5mm ~ 15mmDe acordo com o pedido

Fio de aço inoxidável

1.4301 (304)1.4307 (304L)1.4401 (316)1.4404 (316L)1.4571 (316Ti)17 / 7 - 17 / 4
1.4541 (321)1.4310 (301)1.4845 (310S)1.4016 (430)1.4512 (409)1.4000 (410S)
1.4113 (434)1.4509 (441)1.4567 (304 Cu)1.4006 (410)1.4021 (420)201/202 309/310
Why choose Huaxiao stainless wire rod

As stainless steel wire suppliers, we know that the price and quality of stainless wire are our advantages. Our company has established a complete supply chain system. If you need to learn more, please free to contato.

  • Available in round, hexagon, square, and rebar
  • Suitable for welding, cold heading, springs, high temperatures, bright bars, and rebars
  • For both simple and high demanding applications.

Our company exports stainless steel wire rods to many countries, such as Mexico, Canada, Australia, Colombia, and other countries. We can meet the needs of customers for various types of ss wire. We can provide stainless steel wires of different specifications and materials, or we can accept customer requirements to customize stainless steel wires.

Normal Stainless Wire Rod (GB4356-84)

Os fios-máquina de aço inoxidável são laminados a quente de aço inoxidável de vários graus e diferentes tipos de tecidos.
Uso principal: O fio-máquina de aço inoxidável é usado principalmente para a fabricação de fio de aço inoxidável, fio de mola inoxidável, fio de aço inoxidável e fio de aço inoxidável. De acordo com o uso principal da indústria, o fio-máquina de aço inoxidável também é dividido em fio-máquina de aço inoxidável e aço inoxidável resistente a ácido.

Stainless Steel Wire Rod for Welding (GB4241-84)

The stainless wire rod for welding differs from the general stainless steel wire rod in chemical composition. In order to ensure its excellent welding performance and improve the quality of the weld, the stainless steel wire rod for welding is characterized by low carbon content, less toxic impurities such as phosphorus and sulfur, and higher nickel and chromium content.

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